A portrait I painted of my mother as a young woman

This is a love story

It is a journey between a mother and daughter whose devotion and shared love for all things beautiful lasted a lifetime. My mother, Phyllis Hausman, lived a life of grace, generosity and good taste – She appreciated the beauty in everyone and everything. Through her, I developed a love for color, shape, proportion and style that guides the creation of every piece of jewelry in my collection. Gigi Kaufman Jewelry is a tribute to my incredible mother and to all women who feel, as she did, that accessories bring sparkle to our lives and give us our sense of individuality.

My goal is to create beautiful, unique jewelry that is accessible to everyone

I search for rare beads, pearls, semi-precious stones and metals and I let the materials “talk to me” and inspire each piece. My hope is that my jewelry collection will give the wearer the same pleasure it gave me in creating it.